say it right

Published December 1, 2015 by lisaolisa

Ugh. So many mispronunciations and wrong words in these here voiceovers and audiobooks and the news. Let’s go over this one more time:

  • CAHIER. It’s kah-yay’, not kah-yee-err, or however Cary Elwes pronounced it in his audiobook. Or was this another example of an English person intentionally mangling a French word they know how to say?
  • GEEGAW. It’s gyoo’-gaw, not goo’-gaw.
  • TRAWL, TROLL. While fisherpersons are out hard at work trahl’-ing for fish, sad losers are in trole’-ing the innerwebs.
  • HUNG, HANG. Wallpaper is hung. People are hanged.
  • GRASS. When it goes brown, it’s dormant, not dead.
  • PRAGMATIC, PRACTICAL mean different things.
  • FOIE GRAS. It’s fwah-grah, not foy-grah.
  • KUTZTOWN. It’s coots’-town, not cuts’-town.
  • FIENNES. It’s fynz, not fyn. Patten Oswalt.
  • INCHOATE – It’s in-coe-itt, not inch-oh-itt.
  • APALACHIN – It’s app-ah-lay’-kin, not app-al-lay’-chin. This town is at the tippy top of the Appalachian mountain range, which is pronounced app-ah-latch’-inn.
  • DELHI – It’s dell’-high, not dell-ee. Dellee is in India. Dellhigh is in Upstate New York. In a book about Upstate New York, in a town where the author’s father lives, this is lazy, lazy, lazy.
  • SUSQUEHANNA. It’s sus-kwa, not sus-keh. Lawrence Fishburne, Hannibal.
  • CAVALRY. You’re waiting for the cavalry to save the day. You’re not hiking to cavalry.
  • FIFA – It’s fee-fah, as in Fi Fie Fo Fum.
  • DES MOINES. Unlike Iowa, if you’re in Washington, it’s audibly plural, duh-moynz’.
  • AUBURN. It’s awe’-burn, not owe’-burn. The owe-pair is going to awe-burn.

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