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if i had this, i’d never leave the house

Published September 21, 2008 by lisaolisa

Unless maybe a storm blew the cable wire loose and I had to go outside and jiggle it a little. But that’s it.

I might have to downgrade to the hardship cable rate, because the bed is like $12,000.


The allure of a round bed is undeniable. It stirs emotions of romance and fantasy with its freedom from conventional dimensions and shape. The Orbit Bed is beautifully designed with tasteful details including the cantilevered, padded headrest, thick perimeter rail and contemporary steel legs. It is equipped with a hand held remote control to operate the smooth and quiet electric motor that slowly rotates the bed.
The Orbit corner composition is a complete environment for relaxation. It includes the round bed and corner base unit with glass shelf to support a television, sculpture, or dramatic flower arrangement. Rotate the bed 180 degrees to watch the television in enveloping comfort. At each bedside a pull-out night table with drawer is provided for storage of personal items.
Free standing 1-drawer Orbit Night Stands are available for use with the bed when placement against a straight wall is desired.
The Chest of Drawers features 10 drawers and a small flip up mirror at the center. The eight-drawer Tall Boy Dresser fits narrow spaces and has two vertical side opening cabinets for ties and scarves. A small flip-up mirror is concealed in the top.
The Orbit Linear wall composition for use against a straight wall includes the round bed, a long rectangular cabinet and two night stands. The long wall cabinet is narrow and can support small objects, sculptures and bouquets. A television may be mounted on the wall above the bed.
The bed, corner unit, Linear wall unit, nightstands and dressers are available in either wenge-stained oak or light oak. The wenge-stained bed has padded headrests covered in removable hibiscus colored fabric and includes orange sheets. The light oak bed has padded head rests covered in removable ocean blue fabric and includes ivory sheets.
The bed only, bed with Linear wall composition or bed with corner composition includes in the price a round innerspring mattress, sheets and a brown quilted bedspread.
Comfortable, practical, and exotic all at once, the Orbit Bed inspires pleasant dreams and enchanting realities. Made in Italy.