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Zune marketing — callous, clueless

Published January 23, 2008 by lisaolisa

laika This is so fundamentally retarded and insane, revisionist, and insensitive that I’m dumbstruck. Laika’s calculated, gruesome death is an unswayable truth, which frothy fantasy can’t erase or make mirthful. Look how cute this little dog is — like Eddie/Moose on "Frasier." It’s all happy big-eyed cuteness.

laika-real What the hell does this PR even mean — "we finally know what happened to Laika"??? We’ve always known: she died alone, in pain, a slave to the ultimate in pathetic chest-thumping, nuclear brinksmanship.

What is a "core fact" of fiction? Earth to copy desk.

I didn’t think my buyer’s remorse of my Zune could grow after the initial incredulity of how unusable it was. It has.


Ro Rao, Aliens tell untold story of space dog Laika

Redmond, WA – January 9, 2008

Core Facts

Fifty years ago, Russia launched a rocket manned by a dog into space and soon lost contact with the vessel. Today, we finally know what happened with “Laika,” the new film by Ro Rao featuring music from The Aliens. An endearing, intergalactic tale at just how far one will go to share with friends, “Laika” loosely nods to constructivism, incorporating a range of 2D and 3D photographic elements and textures.

Visit to view “Laika.”

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