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Raw Noodle

Published February 27, 2007 by lisaolisa

Raw footage of the morning chaos at Perro Gordo, with Moo pestering Cassie while Noodle demands more attention.

Raw Noodle


one step ahead

Published February 25, 2007 by lisaolisa
When my pain is at 11, as it has been for a week, I feel especially old. When I listen to KEXP, I usually feel so out of touch that in addition to feeling old, I feel obsolete, flabby, and ugly. So on Saturday, when I was coming back from another bonus of American adulthood, weekend oil changes at the dealership because there’s no time to do it during the week, and I was listening to KEXP, I was thrilled to have the DJ not only be aware of but play an ancient (1981) SPlit Enz song that put me right back in the Ponderosa prep room, cuttin’ up carrots with Stubby while Rich pushed a mop around while we enjoyed ourselves *while actually working…for sub-minimum wage* before the boss came and cast his pall upon the place.
Something So Finn