"because we can"

Published December 4, 2006 by lisaolisa

Windows Vista is rightfully getting a thrashing in the media for the sheer lunacy of having too many choices. This is my pet peeve in working where I do, where just because code allows something to happen is somehow seen by some as a justification for spinning it into a feature and tacking it on to the UI.

There are apparently 9 different ways to not have your computer up and running, and while that’s not in itself a bad thing, the UI seems hell-bent on shoving them all in front of you, rather than having [SHUT DOWN] [PICK OTHER/PROGRAM DEFAULT] [CANCEL] like any sane person would need. This is a one-minute mockup on a sticky note by anyone who isn’t afraid to make a decision, but apparently it’s a 40-person, two-year cockup in Vista.

–> Business Week: "Vista’s Many Turnoffs: How many geeks does it take to shut down a computer?"


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