recommended contractors

Published October 29, 2006 by lisaolisa
We have had such problems with contractors that I’ve started compiling the ones recommended by others. Your mileage may vary, as ours definitely has. For example, we used a fence company someone recommended and it required six months and at least six visits for them to get the job done right.
People we’ve used and loved (his is a very short list):
  • In-Line Electric
  • Bodine Construction
People we’ve used and will never use again:
  • Town and Country Fence
People other people have used and recommend:
  • Carpet cleaning: DA Burns & Sons
    4411 Leary Way NW
    Seattle, WA 98107-4586
    (206) 782-2268
    "We used DA Burns & Sons to clean the carpets in our old house…we thought we might have to replace them to sell…but after they were done….they looked almost brand new….definately not the cheapest, but worth it for the high quality job they did."

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