"god hates fags" … and freedom

Published September 21, 2006 by lisaolisa
Rant in response to Bo’s blog today:
The only thing our freshman congressman Dave "I’m the sherrif" Reichert did his entire career was nothing … until the GOD HATES FAGS mouth-breathers started showing up at the funerals of MISSION ACCOMPLISHED military casualties. Then all of a sudden it was worth noticing. Then he cares. And then, get this, he CURTAILS YOUR RIGHT TO EXPRESS YOURSELF to protect corpses. Those GOD HATES FAGS knuckle-draggers harass living, loving people in Dave’s own town and I don’t see him getting all self-righteously indignant. But they do it across the country and yell at a corpse and all of a sudden it’s a federal offense worth eroding our civil liberties over.

May I remind you all that Dave Reichert is chairman of the Homeland Security Committee and ran on a platform of how he’d protect us all, because, y’know, he’s the sheriff? And that ZERO bills made it out of committee on his watch until his opponent’s campaign started pointing that out? And that Seattle is one of the biggest port cities in the nation? And Reichert has done nothing to increase port security?

Dave Reichert, protecting you from your own Constitution, eroding what it means to be American, since he got off his ass and finally picked up a pen in Congress, for two too many years.

Fire the Republicans!

Read Bo’s blog: myspace.com: tralfaz says god’s a homo


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