so what has your computer done lately?

Published February 28, 2006 by lisaolisa

Is distributed computing worth our time? One would think the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is not. One would hope the unfolding of proteins, which is what my computers do when they are bored, does actually lead to a cure for cancer. The cracking of a previously encrypted message for war that’s long over is debatable.

The reason this trivia caught my eye is because The Mister knew one of the Bletchley Park mathematicians who broke the code during the war. He was the father of one of his genius friends. The Mister has more genius friends than anyone I know, which really isn’t saying much, I know. But his friends do things like learn six languages and then get a law degree. One of his friends is actually a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon. No joke. Plus he’s cute and can carry on a good conversation at the pub. If I were The Mister, I don’t know that I could have made it out of bed every morning, if it meant I had to hang around and try to impress genius artists genius linguists genius lawyers genius doctors. My friends were all smoking pot and drinking beer in the woods. I still had a hard time getting out of bed every morning.

–> Distributed computing cracks Enigma code



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