was we robbed?

Published February 6, 2006 by lisaolisa

now hiding: cassie, behind my back, because the furnace is on

Does it make us sound like sore losers to say that we are darn sure that the Seahawks should have won the Super Bowl? Probably, especially if you did not watch the game. But I find it really hard to believe that there was that much holding and that much personal fouling going on. The referees seemed focused on calling Seattle out on absolutely every possible interpretation of an infraction. We are utterly convinced that three of the calls were bad and they would’ve made a difference in the outcome of the game. The touchdown call also was highly questionable, and for the line ref to have so enthusiastically ruled it as a goal when everyone who was watching saw the carrier crawl the ball over the line, I mean, come on.

So, what could Seattle have done to make this go better? Hasselbeck could have thrown the ball to where the receivers were, rather than he wanted them to be in one to two seconds. But everything else that went wrong could not have been improved. When the best plays in the game are being called off time and time again for petty and questionable offenses, it has to break your groove and kill your mojo.

Pittsburgh did not outplay Seattle. They managed to avoid having penalties called time and time again. They went through the motions, and that was all they needed to do.

–> FOXSports.com: "NFL- Refs were far from Super in this one"


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